Credits earned at another institute of higher education and credits earned by examination may be transferred to North American University and apply towards a degree program. The transfer student may need to provide materials such as school catalogs/bulletins, course descriptions, course outlines, class assignments, or textbooks to assure proper evaluation.

The final determination of the applicability of credit transferred toward a degree sought at North American University is made by the chair of the student’s major department. Transfer credits are counted in the calculation of credit hours attempted and credit hours earned toward successful course completion percentage and maximum time frame allowed.


North American University accepts up to a maximum of 90 undergraduate transfer credits (including credit by examination) from a four (4) year college or university or a student can transfer a maximum of 66 credit hours from community colleges. Transferable coursework with grades of “C-” or above may be accepted for transfer credit from other institutes of higher learning. For master’s degree programs, courses with a grade of “B-” or above may be accepted for transfer credit. Courses previously applied for a bachelor’s degree may not be transferred to apply towards a master’s degree. In addition, most of the credits required for a master’s degree must be completed at NAU.

North American University requires prospective students to submit official transcript(s) from each previous institution attended. Failure to submit official transcripts from one or more of the previously attended institutions may result in a hold of the student’s MyNAU account and revocation of transfer credits. International university transcripts require a course by-course evaluation, with a calculated U.S. equivalent grade point average, through an approved credential evaluation agency. Contact the Admissions Office for a list of approved agencies. Developmental or vocational course work is not accepted for transfer credit for an undergraduate degree but is taken into consideration for decisions regarding college readiness. Returning (already enrolled) undergraduate students will NOT be able to transfer any credit from course work at other institutions. For more information about Transfer of Credit, click the following link: here Transfer Credit Policy.