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Why Computer Science?

The Department of Computer Science strives for quality in teaching and research by covering the fundamentals as well as applied aspects of computer science while enabling students with technological problem-solving skills, collaborative activities, and consideration of ethical issues.

Our Mission

At the Department of Computer Science, our mission is to achieve national prominence by providing outstanding education to our undergraduate students for their productive careers in industry, academia, and government. We strive for excellence in teaching and service, covering both the fundamental and applied aspects of computer science. We help our students develop the skills to solve technological problems through collaborative and multidisciplinary activities.

Our Vision

At the Department of Computer Science, we believe that computer science is a rapidly evolving discipline that directly or indirectly affects many other disciplines such as science, engineering, education, and business. We aim to contribute to computer science in a way that our faculty and students can take maximal advantage of modern computer science to solve a wide range of scientific, technological, and social problems. Our department continues to promote innovative education programs in core computer science as well as multidisciplinary application areas, with a focus on Software Engineering and Computer Networking.

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